Call for Submissions: Personal Narrative

Hey Creatives,

🌟 Serenity Cafe Magazine is on the lookout for fresh, inspiring voices in the realms of arts, culture, and mindfulness. ✨

If you're a writer, artist, or mindfulness enthusiast, we invite you to contribute your unique perspectives to our upcoming issues. Serenity Cafe Magazine is a space that celebrates creativity, explores diverse cultures, and embraces the journey of mindfulness.

Whether you have a captivating personal narrative, insightful poetry, thought-provoking artwork, or an article that aligns with our theme, we want to hear from you! 📝🎨

Submission Guidelines:

1. **Arts & Culture:** Share your artistic endeavors, explore cultural experiences, and showcase the beauty of diverse perspectives.

2. **Mindfulness:** Dive into the world of mindfulness. Share your practices, insights, or personal journeys toward a more serene and mindful life.

3. **General Guidelines:** Submissions should be original, unpublished works. Word count for written submissions: 500 - 1,500 words. Artwork submissions should be high-resolution images.

Send your submissions or proposals to by March 30, 2024. Feel free to include a brief bio and any relevant links to your portfolio or social media.

Let's co-create a magazine that resonates with the heart, mind, and soul.


Marissa Mullins

Editor & Publisher

Serenity Cafe Magazine

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