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Serenity Café Magazine seeks to create a shared space of growth and cultural understanding in our pages and within our communities. We are a glossy print magazine covering arts, culture, and conscious living in the US and abroad. We are based in the Myrtle Beach-Coastal South Carolina area. We publish articles and interviews by fresh voices from all over the world in each issue.

We're happy to offer our first two issues below for viewers at no charge! Enjoy!

Serenity Cafe Issue 1

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Serenity Cafe Issue 2

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Serenity Cafe Magazine (established 2020) is a high quality magazine that seeks to empower and encourage individuals and communities. We believe that conscious living and mindfulness offer hope for a better human existence. We believe everyone has a story to tell and a voice that is valuable in the conversation. We profile changemakers in all social and humanistic areas. We welcome essays, poetry, and non-fiction, photography, and art from contributors of all backgrounds. We are especially interested in new writer's over 50!

We are a biannual magazine with rolling publication dates. We publish poetry, essays, non-fiction, interviews, and experimental works covering arts, culture, and conscious living in the US and abroad with a specific focus on the Myrtle Beach-Coastal South Carolina area. Pays within 3 weeks of publication. Photo and Bio on contributor’s page. Seeks to establish long-term working relationships with freelancers. Manuscript published an average of 3-6 months after acceptance. Lead time: 6 months. Sample copy by mail is at discounted rate of $15.00 US Funds. Click here to order a sample copy. 80% freelance written. Responds within 1 month to queries and submissions. Sample copy by mail is $15.00 US Funds.Contact: Colleen Mullins, Editor. Preferred contact: Email.

ETHOS: The guiding ethos of the magazine asks the question, “What does it mean to be an active, engaged, conscious human being in the world.” We seek articles, interviews, essays, photography, art, and poetry that addresses this ethos in some way. We are eclectic and open-minded on topic and form. We are willing to publish controversial material that is thought-provoking and provocative if it is within the scope of said ethos.

PAYMENT: $10 and up and 1 contributor copy. We prefer packaging of feature articles and interviews with photos or artwork as we run strong visual images with each piece. We buy First World Rights for one-time print use and Perpetual Electronic Use in PDF format. We publish beginning and established writers. Contributor copies are sent to writers and artists whose work appears in that issue. We pay $20 for electronic-only pieces. We generally do not offer payment for unsolicited online articles and guest posts. In lieu of payment, we may agree to include links to the author’s website, social media accounts, and book outlets. Pay rates for superior talent or famous talent is negotiable. We also offer publication advertising exchanges in select cases.

NONFICTION: We publish interviews with artists, craftsmen, businesspeople, and humanity at large that addresses our ethos in some way. We also seek compelling stories and essays that relate to history, human tendencies, psychology, mindfulness, and spirituality. The magazine runs approximately 3 to 5 feature non-fiction pieces per issue. Packaging of photos with interview is required, contact us for details. We accept queries and general submissions around the above theme. Please email as a Word document. Responds to queries and submissions within 1 month. Pays $10 and up.

PHOTOS/ARTWORK/ILLUSTRATIONS: We seek high quality photos and artwork for use within the magazine and for visual essay pieces. We run at least one visual essay per issue. Photos may be submitted as a contact sheet or jpeg via email for consideration. High resolution photos (300ppi or greater) are required for printing. Contact us for current needs and further information. Pays $10 and up.

POETRY: We publish all genres and styles. We do not have a line limit, but extremely long poems are unlikely to be published unless quite exceptional. Submit 3-6 poems with a short bio. Pays: $10 and up per group.

COLUMNS: Travelogue is a “weekend getaway” style column with photos and details about a trip you have taken or a place you’ve visited. It runs 500-1000 words and needs 4-7 good, high resolution photos. Details of costs, attractions, etc. with contact info preferred for sidebar. Showcase Poet/Artist is a short interview with a modern poet/artist, 750-1200 words with photos and a minimum of one poem/artwork for publication. We prefer to feature the poet/artists work in the same issue and will conduct the interview in-house for poets/artists requesting consideration. Poet’s featured will also be featured on the Poetry is a Verb blog. Personal Experience is a short personal essay in-line with our ethos.We are open to other column suggestions, please query us with ideas. Pays: $10-25.

BOOK/ART/STAGE REVIEWS: We welcome local, national, and international reviews. Please contact us for details and assignment. Pays $10-25.

OTHER: If you have a great idea, pitch us. We’re open to considering artistic expression and innovative techniques or offerings. We also seek shorter pieces and poetry for exclusive online use. Pays Byline-$15.

For all inquiries or further information, please use the contact form below:

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