Sabon Shekara

By Ojo Taiye

I praise once again I praise salt on the window pane I am watching the magpies chatter

the struggle of this winter morning whether or not you are here I remember how to pray

my enunciation unsatisfactory a language corrupted for colonizers their mythology

engrained & engraved in my hybrid skin hardwired into my vocal chord a lover that

wouldn’t let go folded into my shirt pocket cupping my chest beginning to end like a key

seared into my palms how rich the memory when you wake me up too early a child

familiar with duty in a house full of pilgrims maybe this is why we name every tide a

hand the quiet in the middle of everything called “hope” looking back now I could see it

the invisible talisman we hold in our hands as we lift our heads & kowtow call it the joy

of devotion it’s been said sacrifice opens your body into a hollow more than motion &

daily every word feels intentional the sun waning behind you as the children sit against

the threshold holding their slates & like the good child each syllable they write reminds 

me of home the same old joy pouring into every heart each time we sip & share your

story a father’s godly pursuit everything we haven’t learnt yet

Ojo Taiye

Ojo Taiye is a young emerging artist who uses poetry as a handy tool to hide his frustration with society. He also makes use of collage and sample technique. He is the winner of many prestigious awards including the 2021 Hay Writer's Circle Poetry Competition, and the 2021 Cathalbui Poetry Competition, Ireland. His work has appeared in numerous international journals including The Rumpus, Oprelle, Southern Humanities Review, and The Cincinnati Review. He currently lives in Agbor, Nigeria. You can follow Ojo on Twitter: ojo_poems or Instagram: ojo_poems